Myth of Her

Sarah Sayeed (UK / BEN) tanpura, vocals, samples - Anne Eltard (DK) violin, guitar, loops, vocals, samples

Myth Of Her examines the similarities in the mythological stories of Nordic, Bengali and Anglo Saxon mythology. Stories of universal archetypes which can be seen as an expression of a culture’s or society's ambitions, goals, fears and dreams. Myth Of Her mixes elements of Sufi, rap, Arabic, Balkan, Scandinavian, Spoken Word, folk, reggae, contemporary.

Sarah Sayeed (UK)

Sarah Sayeed with Bengal background has long been at the forefront of cutting edge British Asian expres- sion. Described by BBC Asian Network’s Bobby Friction as a 360 degree conscious artist, Sarah made an im- pact with her track Black Is in 2009 as featured ‘Future Friction’ and on BBC 1XTRA, and has been described by Asiana Magazine as the ‘Asian Lily Allen’. Having toured the UK, US and Sydney Festival with both theatre and music productions. Sarah has released title track “Whispering Through Windows” on Toronto label Public Transit Recordings and will appear in the summer season for the Shanti Eastern Electronic Festival Music Videos. In 2014 Sarah Sayeed completes her debut solo album under the name Sister Elements, will tour the UK and





Anne Eltard (DK)

Composer, sound artist, arranger, producer, violinist and vocalist. Professional musician since 1982. Has for quite a few years delivered sound art and composed new music in several different contexts. Since the early ‘80s written music for dance performances and performances. The use of loop, live samples, processed real sounds, echo machines and wah-wah pedal on the violin, has become a “trademark”. The musical background in Nordic folklore combined with an active, broad genre knowledge is a part of the distinctive sound of the works. Has made sound art installations and performances, composed and played for numerous dance, performance and theaters, session musician, film- scores and guest musician, performed at television and radio, toured in major parts of the world, made live radio and television.